Medical information for patients

Technical details

The Medinfo web site is hosted on servers running the Debian GNU/Linux operating system. Web pages are served by the Apache web server. The site also uses PHP and MySQL.

All pages are written to conform to the HTML 4 specification as published by the W3C and are checked using their validator. In addition we have followed the W3C accessibility guidelines. For example to make pages accessible we are careful to ensure that pages degrade gracefully, that is the content of pages appears and makes sense on any browser, even if it does not support a feature such as tables, if image loading is turned off, or if it uses an alternative method of presenting the information, such as speech.

Links to our pages are very welcome, provided pages are not loaded within frames or otherwise made to appear as part of another site. We try to ensure that URLs never change, but will in any case always provide a redirect to help prevent linkrot.

Pages are hand written and the very useful hsc application is used to finish them, adding headers, expanding macros, and doing basic link checking and HTML validation. Total Validator is also used to check HTML, links, and spelling.

Medinfo was launched in 1998, and since 2008 has been accessible over IPv6 as well as traditional IPv4. The domains are secured with DNSSEC.